Sunday, May 13, 2007

History is never written by the busy

The device that was supposed to be built by the electronics guy at the school was given to me half done because he ran out of time. This means I have to solder 256 wires to a metal plate an inch and a half wide. So with the plate in a clamp, I used a pair of needles in my left hand like chop-sticks to hold the wire. My ring finger and pinky fed the solder in and my right hand held the soldering tool. Any extra extra solder was scratched off with a needle.
Working for the lab has slowed down. (Everyone else is busy writing papers so don't need much help gathering results from the computers.) This is the one break I have since I can just sit in the lab and work on my thesis.
I am so busy now my average schedule between work, school, homework, and thesis, gives me 3 hours of personal time a week to wash clothes, dishes and the such. I know I am over-loaded. I can feel that I am pushing myself to hard. But if I want to finish on time, and I don't have a choice since I already have the job waiting, then I don't have any other choice.

(This post was written retro-actively because there is no way I had time for frivolous stuff like internet posts.)

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