Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Anniversary in Yellowstone

Oh finally, I can relax. L. had taken a more direct route to Yellowstone since she was not visiting friends. She had brought her Mom and my friend that was riding cross country with me showed up. We all piled into the car and drove all over seeing the sights there. The thing about Yellowstone s that everything is so far apart you have to drive. There is also a lot of wildlife. Everyone stops for for the animals. I understand elk, moose, and buffalo. But why were people stopping for rabbits, raccoons, and prairie dogs. People were stopping for rocks thinking they are Buffalo. So we started referring to them as Rockalos.
In the evenings I was able to permanently fix the foot peg and really check my bike over top to bottom. and out cabin was right next to the hot springs so it allowed for evening walks.
So after two nights in a cabin at Mammoth Springs my friend headed north on his motorcycle to visit with friends and L. took her Mom to her sisters house that was close by, why? L. and I wanted to have out anniversary with only us.
I had booked the night at the Grand Lodge and it just so happened that our room looked out though some trees right to old faithful. It could not have been better. The funny thing about old faithful was it didn't seem like that big of a deal for the number of tourists there were. It was nicer and without all the tourists. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant. It was weird eating Buffalo after seeing so many of them.
In the morning I said goodbye to L. and I drove north to meet up with my friend and L. drove south to visit with family, not to see each other for a month.

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