Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cross Country Trip Epilog

This trip was not without incident. My little things of having my foot peg slip and my chain coming off do not compare to D. who had crashed into the side of a mountain because he got distracted by the scenery in Yosemite. He had spent a three week re-building his bike and healing before meeting up with me.
Originally D. and I had planned to ride north up to St. James Bay in Canada. That along with riding around Lake Superior and only riding around 200 miles a day would have made out trip a week longer. I guess the planning of someone with experience of riding across the country is something we didn't have. The St. James Bay part got cut because neither of us trusted his bike without a overhaul. We ended up riding much longer than planned for no real reason other then being in the riding mindset. If I had estimated the timeline better I would have gone to my sisters wedding. As it was, I had made the decision not to go because I thought it would have forced me to ride to many miles a day on my motorcycle which I considered dangerous.
D. was used to riding in New York City so going across the country he was speeding and cutting through traffic every chance he could. I had a lot less experience riding and was used to a much more laid back style of riding. I think our riding style got on each other's nerves quite a few times, but he never could answer my question: Why are you speeding when you are on vacation?
We both got burned out pretty easy. D. had been traveling for two months and after the crash no wonder he just wanted to be home. I had been going non-stop for months and a cross country trip is not the relaxing kind of vacation.
In reality though I think our trip went great. Out of what I stated above I enjoyed every bit of the trip. I was amazed at everything we saw and how many people thought we were doing something beyond anything they could do. I guess this was one of those things someone is supposed to do to have a "full life".

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