Saturday, June 02, 2007

Finishing my thesis

So everyone has their story of how many times they have to submit, get back, and piddley little things they have to change for their thesis. I now have my story. I spent the drive drive down to the redwoods for Memorial weekend typing up a lot of it and had given to my advisor where it sat on her desk for two weeks before she looked at it. After many revisions she felt it was "good enough". My "Boss", the psychcology professor was so busy I know he never even read all before he signed off on it. The third professor on my committee read through it all and said it was needed to much work but considering all the work I had put into building everything he was OK with the amount of work I put into the project as a whole.
Submitting it to the college had it's own set of gotchas. Because of all the revisions I kept going back and forth with my committee I had to convince the graduate college to let me turn it in 3 days past the deadline for the spring term. I had used the word document they supplied as a template but still had to reformat little things like chapter headings and page number placements. My feeling is that so much time was wasted getting my thesis to fit some arbitrary standard for prestige reasons that extra research could not be done. Multiply that by the number or students and it is obviously a broken system.
As it turns out I graduated and left before hearing back from the graduate school of last minute formatting issues. L. had to make changes since I had no room for a laptop and mail in the final draft to make it in by the revision deadline.

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