Friday, June 15, 2007


So with some of both are families there we wanted to show them around where we lived so on Friday we drove them down to the coast to show them the sand dunes and light house. For my wife and I we enjoyed the sunset since we would not be seeing the Pacific Ocean for a while. I also felt that when I said I was going to ride coast to coast that I knew I could really mean it.
The next day L.'s graduation was the whole school of education so it was held in the basketball stadium. The entire court was covered with graduates and family filled all the stands. For how many people there were it went surprisingly faster then I thought. L.'s brother and mom along with my parents were all cracking jokes the whole time. The reality was that it was so hot in there I was willing to pay $3 each for 1 liter bottles of water. The after party was cookies and punch, everyone was drinking heavily.
My Graduation was only computer science so that was 8 graduate students and about 25 undergrads. It was outside and much more informal. Since my father was there I wrote in my middle name on the card. When I handed it to the announcer he read my middle name that I never use first. Oh well, it provided a good laugh for everyone. Afterward there was a jazz band that played then I showed my parents around campus and that was it. I was done. I walked off the campus for the last time. It felt weird since I spent more hours there between work, and school, and being with friends, and now it was all over.

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