Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Packing up to move

So my new work was pushing to have me start as soon as possible, but I still wanted to enjoy my ride across the US and Canada, and there was still all the loose-ends to tie up. This all means getting things done as soon as possible so that we can take off right after graduation. Since my new job was paying for my move the easiest way was to have everything packed up and gone before we graduated. Therefore living in an empty apartment.
We had to separate out anything we didn't want packed. We had to plan everything that we needed for our respective cross-country trips. I still needed to fix up a few things on the motorcycle so tools. We also had family coming to visit for our graduations so stuff for them. But all this had to fit in L.'s car since I wouldn't have room on my motorcycle.
Two packers came the first day. Anything and everything in sight was wrapped in paper and put in boxes. I see no reason to wrap up pens and shoes so they are padded, but so be it. According to them we had enough stuff for a 4 bedroom house stuffed into 2 bedroom apartment. It is easy to see how much you are a pack-rat when it is all getting packed but we had no time to sort out what we didn't want. It was so weird to sit there on the couch while people are packing everything up. I finished up 9 hours of homework. The next day 3 guys took 3 hours to pack it all in a truck and we wouldn't see any of it for a month.
It is amazing how big the apartment is with everything gone. L. had borrowed extra bedding and a air mattress from a friend for her mom and brother. My parents brought all their own. We showed them around the city and to the beach. It was weird since it was the first and only time we played host while living in Oregon.
Working on the motorcycle turned out easier than I thought. Once the thesis was turned in I had nothing to do. A complete change. I was able to fabricate brackets to attach side cases. Change the oil, gas, install a cigarette lighter to recharge my phone and GPS, install new turn signals, and put a cover over the seat so it would be comfier for long trips.

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