Friday, June 22, 2007

Ride to Custer State Park

557 miles
So North Dakota was both on D.'s and my list as one of the few states that neither of us had been to. There really didn't seem to be that much in North Dakota and we didn't feel like visiting Fargo so we rode the extra little bit and then cut south on the first rode. It was the highway but it felt like we were riding back roads with all the deserted buildings and towns. We stopped for lunch by a lake in a small town. There were so many cottonwoods in bloom that it felt like snow. I felt like I had escaped Oregon to get away from the allergies and all the fuzzies were freaking my out.
Riding through South Dakota on motorcycles and not stopping in Sturgis seemed like a sin so we stopped for dinner. Of course we were a month early for the week long bike party but a lot of local rode motorcycles year round. Everyone seemed interested in D.'s motorcycle, a 1972 BMW.
We rode on to Mt. Rushmore and got there right at sunset. So parking was $8 but it was for the year so we decided to come back in the morning. We found a campground that was right around the corner and realized that we had rode another long day.

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