Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ride to Sault Ste Marie

416 miles
After putting so many miles behind us a pattern had emerged for riding. I was on a street bike. It was not made for long trips. There was really only two positions on the motorcycle, butt forward, and butt rearward. About every hour I would need to stop for about 5 minutes and stretch. Since I had a small gas tank every other stretching was done while fueling. Of course D. had more of a touring motorcycle so it was more comfortable and was able to go 250 miles (to my 160-180 miles) per tank so the frequent stops were aggravating for him. But it did allow for more comfort since we could switch from cold weather gloves and jackets in the morning to warm gear easier. It also forced us to take it a little easier since we were covering so many miles without meaning to.
We didn't feel like riding up and around Lake Superior would add to much to the experience so we decided to ride through Michigan as a shortcut. (Not to mention that it crossed off another state that I had not been to.) Again there were many small towns and everything was green and no real problems came up. The landscape was flat with short stubby pine trees. It reminded me of pine barrens. We had a small scare when we arrived in a town and all the gas stations we closed for the night. we finally found one open and got to ask about the signs we saw everywhere for selling "pasties". Apparently they are meat pies with the ketchup already baked right in. We would have bought some to taste the local fare but they were out.
We hit the Canadian border at sunset. Everyone had warned us to bring our passports with us with all the new laws about leaving the country. In reality they took one look at our drivers license and waved us through. They were more interested in us paying the toll for crossing the bridge.
Sault Ste Marie was a nice town to walk around after a long days ride but everything was closed at 8pm so we had a hard time finding somewhere for dinner. Our hotel room looked back over the river with only a view of the US. It made for a weird sensation. I was still able to pick up signal from across the river for my cell phone so it was nice to be able to call my wife still.

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