Sunday, June 17, 2007

riding to Yellowstone

685 miles
I knew that this day's ride would be a long one but I got off to a late start (10:30) talking to my friend in the morning. I hadn't really measured how long it would be but L. had said I should be able to make it in a day no problem.
After a few hours I was riding down the freeway at about 70mph and was stiff so I shifted my weight and suddenly felt the foot peg under my right foot give way and my foot hit the asphalt. I quickly steadied the motorcycle and pulled off the freeway. After my hands stopped jittering I looked over the bike. My right foot peg had rotated backward but all the parts were still there. It appears that the replacement brake pedal I had put on after my last slide didn't quite fit right and could turn suddenly loose. This was luckily the only problem I ran into for going non-stop and not being able to test all the stuff I had done to the motorcycle.
I was following the GPS and it had routed me north through Washington, Idaho and then Montana. I had lunch in Idaho and called L. that things were going well then I hit Montana. So the GPS said 3, then 4, then back to 3 hours left to drive. I realized it was giving me the time as the bird flies so the 4 hours I told L. would not be accurate. So each stop I was making I tried calling her, no signal. Cities in Montana are few and far between so pay phones calls to her cellphone were not working either. My cell phone in the cities was getting a signal but it was a recorded message that it was a different service and would cost extra. When I tried to OK the extra charge the phone would lock up.
So this repeated, over, and over. Stop after stop, and I just kept riding. I could not figure out a way to get the GPS to tell me miles instead of time left. It got dark, and I kept riding. It got cold, and I kept riding. I finally arrived at 2AM. After 15 1/2 hours riding and 8 hours later then what I had told L. I arrived at Yellowstone. I tried hard to ride through all the cabins quietly on my motorcycle. I found out L. had called the cops and did quite a good job describing what I was wearing. Apparently describing someone thinking they were in an accident is not a good thing to do a couple of days before your anniversary.

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