Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Stuff Arrives

Living in an empty apartment is kind of boring. I had my bed roll and sleeping bag from off my motorcycle and had ended up using it a week longer than expected. I had tried to move up the date for my stuff to be delivered to no avail. I had bought a frying pan but still mainly was living off of fast food, microwaved instant food, and the last of my MRE's from the trip.
They recommend having someone else there to help check off boxes as they arrive so my friend D. came over. As he checked off box numbers. Again there was a lot of just sitting there while they moved boxes in. D. would check them off the list and I would tell them where to put them. The only thing is that all the boxes were already written where they should go so I ended up doing less then D. since I only had to tell them where to put furniture.
Now my moving advisor (their term, not mine) had told me that on the west coast they only expected something to drink. (We had donuts and orange juice but none of the movers wanted it) but on the east coast they expected a tip. I pulled some money out of the ATM but forgot about it and they left without making any hints so I guess they were happy with the donuts and orange juice more then the west coast packers.
The main thing to remember is that professional movers put little bar code number tags on EVERYTHING. I think we will be finding these stickers years from now. I think we are pretty lucky that even with our stuff going into storage and coming back out nothing was lost and only an old computer monitor that needed replacing anyway was broken.

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