Monday, July 02, 2007

New Home

So I still had one week till work started and two weeks until all my stuff arrived. This means I only had the stuff I carried on my motorcycle, an empty apartment, and an empty schedule.
The first thing I did was to buy some new clothes while at my friends house. I felt kind of silly walking around NYC in my motorcycle pants but until I bought more pants it was my only option. On the 1st of July I had an apartment so I took the train home. My first to-do was to fix my motorcycle. Until that happened I had to explore my new town by foot. The road that I lived on had no sidewalk and cars were flying by. While it was fun to walk everywhere in town it was not safe to walk to and from home so I fixed my motorcycle as soon as I could.
The next order of business was to buy things for the apartment. There was a lot of stuff that was broken so we threw it away instead of moving it. I was able to fit things like a laundry basket, mop, and broom on the motorcycle through smart use of the bungee nets. Groceries presented a problem because a one gallon jug of milk filled up my side case. For all the trips I was careful enough to not buy to much food so I never had to figure out what to do if it would not fit.
I had originally planned to get here the weekend before starting work. This time off was much more enjoyable since it allowed me time to just ride around and figure out what was around. My wife also had mailed my laptop and some more clothes so when they arrived I could use the internet to figure out what was around.

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