Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cleaning House at an old job.

So one of the things that really caught me off guard when I had an internet connection again was to find out there were job layoffs at my old job. All my old co-workers had received pink slips and were now counting down the days until the end. It is funny since when I left they had offered me a promotion if I didn't leave for more schooling. When I turned that down they let me know that a job would be open for me when I was done with school. I really liked working there and probably would have looked into getting a job there again if my internship hadn't turned into a job offer so fast. So the way I looked at it was I would have got a lay-off notice a month after starting work after the big investment of moving back there. Man, I was lucky it didn't happen to me.
I was still in contact with quite a few of the people there. They said they got pretty good severance packages and they must not have been that bad since a lot of them were going back to school or just taking a break off work for a few months. I am not sure I could do that. The first thing I did when moving to Oregon was try to find a job. Even when it was a low paying job it gave me an income to budget it with. To not have something lined up for my next source of income would have made me to worried to not enjoy any vacation.

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