Tuesday, September 11, 2007

11th of September 2007

This year living in New York gave me a different take on September 11th. I'm not a big fan of all the changes that have been allowed in government in name of higher safety lest another September 11th happen. So this was the 6th anniversary, and there was a protest for not being able to protest at the building site at ground zero. Between all the radio coverage, vigils, and what not I was surprised at the level of dedication still being shown by the local people as it is much higher, understandably, then what it is where I used to live. To me the concern level seems so much higher then say Hurricane Katrina that killed a similar number of people and caused much higher devastation but gets much less attention and money to make sure something similar does not happen. (If you don't believe me, what was the date that Hurricane Katrina killed thousands of people? For the record I can only remember the month and year.)
I just happened to be headed into NYC that day for a project with a co-worker that was from Scotland. On the long drive it gave us a chance to talk. She likened it to soccer hooligans. A whole lot of flag waving to appear to be a bigger fan. She is frustrated when talking to people how the statement September 11th was used as an unarguable response as justification to most arguments. Any questioning of authority was responded by questioning that person patriotism. She was told she couldn't understand since she wasn't American. Both of us were maddened by the people that say September 11th changes everything when just about every other country has been dealing with this stuff forever.

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