Monday, September 03, 2007

Things to do Before They are Gone

When we moved here we heard they were going to be replacing Yankee Stadium with a new one already being built. We decided that we should go see a game in "The House that Babe built" (i.e. the old stadium) before it was torn down. This being said neither of us is very much of a baseball fan. (I've been to two baseball games before this, both company sponsored events.) We looked it up online and found some cheapish tickets that were not that bad then thought to invite friends. Of course for us all to sit together we needed to buy them at the same time. My friends wanted to go but had friends staying with them so they call them to see if they want to go. Long story short: lots of calling to coordinate, they end up not going, we end up buying bad seats for more money since to much time passed. Moral: Do not try to plan spontaneous things with friends on a deadline.
The game was fun to watch. We got to see all the plaques and trophies before the game. During the game the dirt sweepers danced while doing their job. Everyone around us got plenty drunk and yelling. Cops were regularly pulling people out and arresting them for trowing things on the field. You know, a good family event.
Sorry, but professional sports teams are smart to convince people to get into contests of who can buy more stuff to show they are the biggest fan. We got suckered as they will be having the stadium open another season so next year will be the last year.

The other thing they were tearing out was all the rides at Coney Island. We wanted to go try that out while we could so Labor day weekend we headed down and rode the rides. Well L. and I were pretty wiped out money wise from the move so we looked at most of them. We did ride the Psyclone. That thing is so jittery I had a headache at the end from my brain knocking around in my head. I guess it is one of those one time experiences kind of things. We ate Nathan's hot dogs and walked the boardwalk. It was a really fun day but we found out, due to popular demand, and trouble getting building permits they would have the rides open one more year. Yeah I know, suckered again. But it was fun, and I we can now cross it off our list of things to do while living here.

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