Thursday, November 01, 2007


My wife L. had to dress up for work and all her co-workers decided to go with a super-hero theme. Basically they all wore a super hero T-shirt. L. asked me if I wanted to go in on it so I was Superman for halloween.
A few days before Halloween there was a 5k run at my work where you were supposed to run in your costume. It made it easy just to wear the Superman shirt and I ran with the whole time with an intern that was working for our group that I also ran with when we were in Arizona. She ended up winning the price for guessing how many candy corn there was in the jar.
Every year on Halloween night my friend D. gets excited about the Halloween parade in NYC. Now that we were living there he was looking forward to watching it with us instead of being in it like he usually was. As a last minute thing his work asked him to be in it. He agreed because he thought he could dress up. As it turns out it was just to be security to make sure no one got near the float. He was understandably ticked off. L., D.'s wife, and me ended up watching it instead. As we walked to the place where we were going to sit people kept yelling out "Hey superman" and it caught me off guard every time because I kept forgetting I was wearing the shirt.
3 million people seems like a lot and it is. That is how many people it was estimated watched or was in the parade. The official floats and costumes were very elaborate. Not on the order of Carnival, but they did remind me a lot of the Dia de Los Muertos costumes from Los Angeles. After the official parade, people who think their costumes are good enough are allowed to walk the route. People boo or cheer as a vote to how good people's costumes are. This year there were a lot of Senator Craig because of his incident in the airport bathroom. I personal favorite was a man dressed as a Samurai with a large painters palette and a toy referring to the scare about lead paint in chinese toys. D. says in past years he has seen people naked and painted florescent green and someone with a Bill Clinton mask on and his penis hanging out so I guess the police look the other way for that parade. After two hours of watching people we got tired and started to head to the subway. That's when all the people started to get in the way. We finally found D. at the end of the parade and compared notes on what costumes we liked best. It got us excited enough to want to plan costumes for the next year, but so far they are still just plans.

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