Friday, October 05, 2007

Leaf Peeping

For the first thing to check off our "To-do list" was to see the changing fall leaves in the north east. This is serious business here, the term they use here to refer to us would be leaf peepers. The first thing we did was to check the leaf maps and leaf changing forecasts to go to the right areas. We booked our bed-and-breakfasts and we were off.
Our first stop was a cranberry festival in Wareham, Massachusetts. It just happened to be that week and I was interested in seeing how they flooded the bogs to harvest them. Yes it was touristy but so was everything else we were doing this weekend. It was actually quite interesting but there was only so many cranberries I could eat. We did get there early enough to see them sucking them up. I couldn't resist and picked a couple out of the water wiped them off and ate them. I must say they taste better fresh than when store bought.
We saw it all to fast so we decided to go see Plymouth Rock. After checking that off our list of things to do checked into the first Bed and Breakfast. and they recommended a nearby town for dinner. While walking around the old town we saw a wedding in one of the squares. Then it caught me, there were two brides. I thought if it were me I wouldn't want to pay for all the trouble of the all the pomp and circumstance of a normal wedding without the legality. Then I realized, wait we are in Massachusetts, this wedding is real. I suddenly felt real happy for everyone involved since they could all enjoy a real wedding instead of just having the ceremony.
The next morning we drove to Salem. It was October so everything was already decked out with extra witches everywhere. While very touristy I think they did a good job of acknowledging and paying respect to the innocent people that died because of superstitions.
We continued our drive up into Vermont. There were not that many more trees that were colorful then where we lived. The B&B here was great though. The people were very friendly. I would recommend Applewood Manor to anyone. The next morning we visited a marble museum because we got in free.
We drove home the next morning with still very few trees that had started to change colors. Everyone says it was just to warm which was not normal this late in the year. I know, everyone was saying global warming, but it could have just as easily been a warm winter. (I would rather rely on ALL of the data that says there is global warming rather than only my own personal observance making it true.)
We originally planned a four hour drive per day triangle but ended up driving a little more. It felt like the right amount in the car and made for a very relaxing weekend.

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