Thursday, November 15, 2007

Switching apartments

We signed the lease for this apartment sight unseen. Since moving in problems just kept coming up. It was a large apartment but the setup was just bad and it caused a lot of wasted space. There were only two drawers in the kitchen making it unusable. We could not fit our kayaks in the basement so we had to store them in the equipment shed and get permission to get them out. Without sidewalks we could not safely walk outside the apartment complex. It was not close to either of work places or the train. Basically it had nothing going for it. Boy am I glad we signed a short lease. With our decision to not buy a house it meant that we needed to find another apartment.
We originally were going to move into a house in the same city as where we worked. We pulled out at the last second though (literally we went to the Real Estate office where we were supposed to sign the contract.) because the owner was just to shady (wanted us to pay rent in cash) and we would have had to pay for an extra month of rent.
When we did find a good place moving was easy since most of our stuff was still in boxes. We just rented a truck for the day. The biggest problem that we ran into was the truck was 11'2" tall and could not fit on any of the parkways and a lot of roads because of the old stone archways over a lot of roads around here. I set the GPS to truck but for some reason I still had one close call where I had to be in the middle lane to fit under the large part of an archway. We also found out that the Truck rental place was closed on Sunday so unless we wanted to be charged for an extra day we had to get back by that night. This meant we only had time to make one trip and I was running up and down stairs with boxes. Needless to say I was exhausted but we turned in the Truck in time. My friend D. came by to help with the last of the boxes and the good new is that we found an excellent sushi restaurant right next to our new house.
Our new place fits us much better. (It meets all the requirements that we had when looking for a new house.) And to top it all off it is cheaper for rent too.

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