Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas party

We finally had put away enough stuff that we had a clean apartment so we wanted to throw a house warming/Christmas party. L.'s brother T. had come to visit us for our Christmas present to him so between him, my friend D. and his wife and L.'s Aunt and Uncle's family we had quite a full house.
We were trying to decide on what to do and came up with a present exchange. Since we were busy unpacking boxes we had come across some really odd things so we thought everyone would get a good laugh out of it. It mostly went well with everyone getting what they wanted except the youngest kid got the DVD for "Lawnmower man". Luckily T. decided he wanted it so everyone got an age appropriate gift.
Originally we had planned to make one of my signature dishes of enchiladas for everyone but it didn't seem right for Christmas so I looked into it and came up with making the traditional ham, potatoes, and carrots for everyone. When I was looking into what to make I kept thinking of all the weird stuff that is associated for Christmas so I decided to make it to see what it tasted like.
Sugar plums: All I could find was it was a way to preserve fruit with sugar so I made up my own recipe and it was rather a hit. a dried cherry inside a dried prune inside a dried apricot. boil it in corn syrup until soft then roll in powdered sugar to dry it off.
Figgy pudding: It really does have a lot of figs in it. It takes 4 hours to cook so I understand why no one wants to make it anymore. I liked it but it was about 50% hit. I guess an acquired taste.
Wassel punch: I didn't realize it was impossible to get 100% cranberry juice as one of the ingredients, either it is juice cocktail with water mixed in or cranberry with other fruit juice. Boiling the orange slices really made this one good for me.
Roasted chestnuts: T. helped out by slicing each nut before we roasted them in the oven. They tasted like a Brazil nut to me, and just as much meat on them. Even though I bought them fresh from the store about half ended up being rotten so it seemed like a lot of work to find a good one. Most people gave up after being to try their first nut.

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