Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lack of motivation

So there is this big problem. For the last 8 years my wife and I have been in school. When we moved here we had a problem with motivating ourselves to do anything. We figured it was our bodies just trying to unwind from the stress from school so we didn't worry about it thinking it would fade away. But now it has turned more into bad habits. Its just hard to prioritize doing small things with no looming deadlines. We have built up habits over the last few years that when we didn't have something bearing down on us we would take some time off to help blow off some stress. Now not being in panic mode it is hard to shift into just work mode. A lot of little small stuff gets put off; like writing these blog entries for me. I have to make a conscious effort to schedule my time since I don't have anything big or multi-stepped that I have to plan for.
A big part of this is cooking. The whole time living in Oregon we must have gone out to eat maybe 15 times. Now with the easy access to fast food, money, and lack of a decent kitchen in our last apartment we got into a really bad habit of eating out most nights. Its easy to have a clean apartment for when people visit because that is a deadline but keeping the place clean in-between does not seem to happen.
The worst part is it is affecting our work. We both have aspects of our jobs that have no deadlines, it just needs to be done. Of course without a deadline it does not get done. I have not had success so far tricking my brain by trying to create artificial deadlines.

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