Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cabin fever

So as much as I complain it really has not been that bad of a winter. There has been two times that there was bad enough snow that I stayed home from work that day and just worked from home. There have not been any un-forecasted snow storms so we were always able to change our plans or prepare if we needed to.
There is still the problem of what to do though. I hate feeling stuck inside but it was cold enough that neither of us felt like doing that much outside. This meant a lot of trips into NYC. This is where living near a train was really nice. It did not matter if there was snow or if a storm was coming.
When L.'s brother T. came for Christmas I was able to show him around the city since I have gotten a lot better at finding my own way around. When L.'s friend came to visit we took the train in to see the musical "Chicago". My friend D. and his wife joined us. On our way to the theater D. slipped on the ice and twisted his foot right in the middle of time square. It ended up that he had broke it. See snow and ice are dangerous.
L. and I made up a plan to visit all the different neighborhoods of Manhattan to familiarize ourselves. We made op a map and wrote the names of buildings famous for that area. So far we have about half of the neighborhoods checked off.
Its funny how many things we have found excuses to go into the city for. When living in California we never went into Los Angeles this often. Obviously living near the train has helped and there is a lot more to do in the city as compared to Los Angeles which is much more spread out.

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