Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Descent Into Social Networking

My manager was retiring to become a professor. Instead of hiring a new manager they decided to absorb our group into the other groups in the department. For me this meant that I was switching to the social computing group. Well that's all well and good but I am not one of the people that has any accounts on any of the social networking sites and outside of this blog that is more just for me keeping track of my own thoughts I hadn't bought into any real part of the social web or web 2.0 or whatever they want to call it. For the most part I have felt it was more a waste of time on creating bragging rights or showing off.
There are parts of it that I think are really interesting though and I have a lot of ideas so it is not like I am dreading moving groups but I did feel that I needed to learn some more about a large aspect of the internet that up until now I had pretty much ignored. So I started using my Facebook account that I had created more than a year before when I was in San Jose. The funny part is that is that my family had created two social groups and I guess didn't know about the other group being on the internet. As soon as I joined it pulled the two groups together and as with most things in groups it increased the activity exponentially.
The biggest problem I am having so far is privacy. Since it is all so new it seems way to easy to do malicious stuff that could steal information. It does not matter how careful I am since a lot of my friends and family aren't. I guess that is something that I will have to work on fixing.

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