Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Since L. and I seemed to never have any of the special days together it seemed like this year she was making a larger than average effort. She has been giving me cards each day of the week and was making me nervous about what else she had planned since I didn’t have that much. I had been listening to music on every day at work and found a Singer (Kate Havnevick) that I was sure she would like so had bought it and gave it to her early. (Yes, I felt like a teenager giving a CD as a gift but she loved it and listened to it constantly for a week while driving.)
But now that my one gift was already given I had to think of something to do. While doing errands with my friend D. in NYC we stopped in a 99 cent store. It hit me, dinner. So I bought candles, candle holder, and a thing to hold a can with a chicken over the top. I wasn’t being cheap, I was being resourceful.
I searched around and found and found recipes with something she loved in each one.
Chicken steamed in Dr. Pepper
Green Beans with Pine Nuts
Hasselback Potatoes with Parmesan
Coeur a la Cream with Raspberry Coulis
The biggest problem I ran into was the desert called for a heart shaped ramekin. After looking up what that was I improvised with a cut up paper plate and tinfoil.
The dinner was a hit. It was fun eating by candlelight and I am now looking for a decent set of candlesticks so we can do it again.

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