Sunday, March 16, 2008

Car is Broken Into

My friend D. broke his foot so I was over at his house helping him build a false wall in his apartment. We also were busy working on bikes. Around 8 I left to go home and saw what looked like the passenger side window was down. As I got closer I saw broken glass everywhere. The glove compartment was open and the GPS was gone. The person had stolen the GPS, the change in the change dish and my glasses for some odd reason. I was always careful to hide the GPS in the glove compartment but apparently with everyone buying them now thieves look for the rings that get left on the windshield. Since we know it was stolen between 7-8pm it had to have happened in some gap when everyone's back was turned. right when it got dark. The person that stole it must have cased the neighborhood earlier then came back at sunset. Unfortunately this is all stuff we figured out and not the cops.
D. had always complained about the cops in NYC and when I moved there I saw what he was talking about. They are always parked illegally in front of coffee shops. They run red lights so often that they don't even bother to blip the siren anymore. Until that night I didn't realize how little they cared about actually protecting anyone besides themselves. When the cops showed up to take the report they were more interested in running every aspect of my background and the car to try to write a ticket to me to fill a quota. I didn't expect to get CSI or even that there was anything I was going to get back in the future but when they wouldn't even write down the model or serial number at all. They didn't want to know the value because it would push it into the realm of them having to file a report instead of just a complaint. So I gave up let them file it as a complaint for criminal mischief so they would stop looking into my background.
Getting the car fixed was another story. Because the person used a crow bar to break the window it bent the frame of the door. The repairs ended up costing $1600 for basically a broken window. I don't know if our insurance is going up, hopefully it doesn't.

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