Sunday, March 02, 2008

Goals for the new me

I decided to try to overcome my listlessness that had developed by creating goals for myself. The way I figured I would try to work on all the basic areas: mind, personality, and body.
Mind: For our 10 year anniversary we wanted to go to France so I would start trying to learn French. My friend's wife spoke French fluently and was making him learn it so we agreed to also get lessons with him. I also am mad about how my thesis didn't work as good as I thought it would so I want to learn more about electronics.
Personality: Something that I have been trying learn for a long time was the guitar. The other thing that we both wanted to learn was dancing. There was Tango lessons in central park but we only caught the last lesson. As soon as they start up again we plan to go.
Body: Riding the bike seems like an obvious choice to fit in this area. I just have to finish it already! The other area is just working out.
So, how am I doing so far? Of course terrible. But I guess that is why they are goals. I am still working towards them.

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