Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend trip to the Hamptoms

For the start of spring we decided to drive out to the end of Long Island. My friend D. and his wife E. had made reservations at Montaulk Manor, an old restored hotel on the hill. I had always wondered what it was like out there and for the most part once you get out of NYC it is just like suburbia anywhere.
We drove through East, West, and South Hamptons (Yeah I didn't know there were so many either.) I was expecting it to be more like Beverly Hills or even a gentrified Brentwood but it was looked like any other city. Maybe we just didn't see the rich part. The fact that they had a Women's association of neighborhood improvement just shows that there are to many people with nothing to do.
Montaulk is much more relaxed of a city. That night we went down to the beach. It was so relaxing to listen to the waves. We next morning we rode our bikes from the hotel to the lighthouse at the very end of the island. On our way back it was pouring rain. We all jumped into the indoor pool when we got back and laughed about it. It seemed like we would go do something then end up back in the pool.
On Sunday we all went to the spa for the hotel. I was stiff enough from the bike ride the day before I felt like the massage was wasted just getting rid of the kinks from the bike ride.
The other thing I wanted to do while there was eat seafood. It is the port that a lot of seafood comes into so it was all fresh. I had never had oysters before and while I like clams, muscles, conch and just about any other kind of bivalve I really didn't like sliding the oysters down my throat.

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