Friday, September 28, 2007

How do I fit in a Miata

In researching a new car I also looked at getting a Mini, VW cabrio, Saab 9-3 convertible. I ended up deciding on the Miata because I could buy a hardtop for the winter and I could buy it outright without needing to get a loan. I really liked the outside feel on the motorcycle. (The mini felt cramped even with the sunroof all the way open.
But a miata? I know, I am 6'5". Why would I drive a Miata. Well... it was not easy. When I test drove the car the guy saw my knees hitting the steering wheel and said I needed to move the seat back and looked kind of scared when I explained it already was. The arm rest pinched my leg to the steering wheel so I removed it and put in a smaller one. I took out the extra padding out of the back of the seat so my legs would fit under the dash. Now I fit.
I bought the car for $2200. So far $200 for a working radio, $800 for a hardtop, $250 for a new soft top, $300 for tires, $600 for new struts, $100 for brakes, and $300 for an engine sensor. I have no problem putting money into a car I know I can't sell for more than $2500. I figure as long as it is less then $300 a month then it is on par with financing a car. More importantly though: It is fun to drive.

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