Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Day at Sea

On leaving Dover our first full day on the ship was also a full day at sea. It turned out that it was a rough day too. L. gets motion sickness easily which is one of the reason we had booked our trip on the biggest boat out there with an active counter weight to try to and lessen any problems she would have. I think it helped but a lot of people including employees were queasy. The report said there were 7-12 foot waves and watching the gauge that was true. Taking Dramamine took care of the problem for L. but knocked her out. Using the wristbands did not have strong enough of an effect so by using the wristbands with a lower dose of the motion sickness pills seems to work the best.
For me, I found it fun. Most people were weaving as they tried to walk anywhere. I tried to see how straight of a line I could walk instead leaning into the tilting deck. It made walking down the narrow halls equivalent to a drug trip with my view twisting and turning. Normal things like taking a shower required new dexterity as the water changes it's path. While sleeping it messed with my dreams because it reminded me of sleeping in a car. Rolling toward my head was breaking and rolling toward my feet was accelerating. I'm sure the funniest thing to watch though was the dance lessons. Trying to learn to waltz when the floor has a mind of its own should have, but didn't, lead to at least one broken hip.
The other big reason we booked a cruise on the biggest ship we could find was to keep me from going stir crazy. While L. was in her drug induced motion sickness pill sleep I explored the boat by walking around each of the levels. (At least where I was allowed to go, the security cameras, and signs make little room for excuses for being in the wrong area.) For how many people were on the ship they sure did a good job of hiding everyone.

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