Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Misconceptions of Living on the East Coast

One thing I do not miss about being in California is being around "The Biz". I hated the traffic caused by filming movies on closed freeways and roads. I thought it was something we would leave behind. Imagine the fun now of getting to deal with filming at Grand Central Terminal when we arrive by train though. I guess, different area, different mode of transportation that needs to be filmed.
I have not got used to just driving between states on regular errands. While growing up driving outside of California, usually through Las Vegas, meant it was a long drive that usually took at least 6 hours. Now I'm in three different states in one day while running errands as if they were counties.
Another thing I have noticed is the number of older buildings. I know someone from Las Vegas who thinks anything older than 20 years is to old and ugly. I have buildings in my town that were built in the 1600's. Of course all the old buildings lead to more abandoned buildings. I guess its just the nostalgic part of me that keeps saying- wow, that building is so cool, why doesn't someone want to fix it up. It seemed like in California that everyone wanted a new house and was willing to drive quite the distance to live in one.
There are a lot of misconceptions about the other coast from people that I talk to. I keep comparing it to California because that is where I lived the longest, but I have lived in plenty of places. There are people I know that live on both Coasts that have never left the State they were born in, and that is saying something on the East Coast. The "never left their state" people here were surprised that everyone in the west was not still using out-houses. People on the West Coast can't believe I see deer on my commute a couple of times a week since the whole East Coast is nothing but one big city according to them. Its funny, I live closer now to NYC than I did to Los Angeles when I lived in California and there is less urban sprawl where I live here.

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