Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Storms

Growing up in California you knew when it was going to rain. You could look out the window in the morning and that would be the weather the whole day. You could sense rain (there was actually humidity in the air). In Oregon it was pretty easy too, it rained a little every day. I remember good summer storms in Utah and forgot how strong they could be until we moved here to New York.
L. and I were coming out of a store and looked up to notice the cool cloud formation. The fast moving clouds were creating the black ominous funnel that usually is associated with the bad wizard calling on evil powers in movies. We had made it to the car when the first drop hit. I already had my key out so In the 3 steps from the front of my car to get inside I was soaked. We were amazed at the volume of rain that just burst out. Then the hail started, and I realized my convertible top might not make it. luckily it didn't get any worse and within 5 minutes it went down to a light sprinkle and stopped. The sun was shining 10 minutes later but there was probably 1-2 inches of rain from that five minutes.
It happened again while we had some family visiting. We got soaked running the one block to the subway. Everyone else in NYC was huddled under overhangs or had gone into buildings. I kept expecting it to let up but this one just kept going. While driving home I had to pull off the road because my windshield wipers could not keep up and the defroster on full blast with A/C on still couldn't get rid of the humidity in the car.
I don't ever remember having weather stop me in my tracks like that. I guess it is from growing up in California but weather is usually just something to remember to bring an umbrella or not. I guess that's why I don't like icy roads so much. It bugs me when "Mother Nature" puts her foot down.

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Sarah said...

I know exactly how this feels. When Corey and I first moved out East we thought small umbrellas would do....until they got trashed being in our first rain storm. And now we understand how flooding can happen. :) How was Europe?