Thursday, June 26, 2008

Warnemünde Germany(+54° 10' 33.45", +12° 5' 36.83")

I don’t know why. I guess Germany is a cheap place to dock or maybe the city gives kick-backs to the cruise company but one of the places that we stopped was a small beach town. Most people bought the tour packages for the train ride into Berlin and maybe that’s why the cruise company stops there but we decided since we had already been to Berlin (and it was a huge city that one day could not do justice for) we would have a beach day instead. We rode our bikes to the beach and the first thing we saw there is the lighthouse. We decided to climb to the top (€2 ~ $3) and I was able to see down the beach that all the people were close to where we were and if we walked down the boardwalk a ways we could pretty much have the beach to ourselves.
About every 100 meters or so was a path cut into the sand dunes leading to the beach with different sign with a picture (Cherry, Ball, Teddy Bear...) along with icons for what was and was not allowed at that portion of the beach. No fires, horses and such but there was one that wasn’t an icon but instead the letters “FKK” that alternated being crossed out or not. We followed one of the paths and walked along the beach and noticed some of the people were not only topless but totally nude. We wrote it off as a European thing but have found out that is what “FKK” stands for. We found our own nice spot and just relaxed in the sun. The sea was cold, cold enough that after a while I was shivering and my teeth were chattering so we decided we had been in it long enough.
We walked back to our bikes and rode back to the ship to eat lunch since we were not in any hurry. We were in this port until 10 since it took so long for the train to get back so we decided to head back out and just ride bikes. We at first headed south but it was boring industrial port stuff, and communist era industrial architecture is not interesting to look at. So we headed back into Warnemünde. The path that followed the beach then turned into a forest bike trail. It was so relaxing just riding along the trail that we ended up riding for miles until the trail ended. We rode back into town and walked around all the shops. It an antique store we went into they had old Nazi and communist era medals since this used to be part of east Germany but I thought it was interesting that they had a piece of sticky note covering all the swastikas but not the communist hammer and sickle.
When back on the ship we heard how the train ride in and out was boring and took forever so that no one really got to see that much. Anyone that had stayed in Warnemünde had a smile on their face and was refreshed and relaxed.

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