Sunday, June 01, 2008

What became of the motorcycle gear

The thing about owning a motorcycle is that it is only one piece of the puzzle. There is a lot of other gear involved.Originally I had planned to sell it all with the motorcycle but the guy that bought it was pretty short and didn't know what to do with the manuals I had.
I kept my armored jacket and pants to use for skiing. I figure crashing on a motorcycle and skiing into a tree are pretty similar. I have only been skiing once in my life so we'll see if this actually happens. It just so happens that a few people were buying motorcycles at the same time I was getting rid of mine. I figured trying to sell most of the stuff was just not worth it. I gave my summer jacket to my friend D. in the hopes that he would use a little more protection, and the tank bag and gloves to his step father.
The best one though was giving my leather jacket to D.'s uncle. He just got a Harley and was very much into the image of it. Apparently he spent all the money on the bike and getting the jacket for free allowed him to ride in colder weather. The reason why this is important is he found out he had cancer, then only lived a few more weeks before dying. One of his dying requests was to be cremated in that jacket. It was weird that something I didn't care about made someone else so happy. Glad I had the whim to offer it to him since it just sat in my closet for years since it was to heavy for me.

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