Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Since we were on vacation is seems like we missed the start of summer. The first thing we noticed getting back was the humidity. It was kind of hard to miss just walking out of the airport; even at night. Other little things like suddenly seeing fireflies at night again really catch me off guard. (As a side note, growing up on the west coast, I never saw fireflies until I was adult. So many things are described to you and when you see them they let you down. I am glad that fireflies really do live up to their name for how bright they glow.) The one sign of summer that we did seem to get back in time for was the Cicadas. They still seem to be tuning up for later in the summer and only offer an occasional buzz instead of the constant drone that only hundreds can produce in unison.
Of course at work everything had to happen in that two and a half weeks that I was gone. They lost the paperwork for the project I was working on so nothing got done. I got a raise, was switched to a different team and one of my co-workers quit. Also in the first week back I hit my one year anniversary at work. It is weird that I have been working there a whole year already. (I don't feel like I got a years worth of work done.)

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