Sunday, August 31, 2008

Road trip

For Labor Day we both were caught up on our work so we decided to hit the road to see some family. We just happened to end up that the maintainance schedules for both our cars for major checkups so both were in good condition but nothing beats driving with the top down so the taking the Miata won out.
We actually left on Wednesday night after taking a nap. This means we got to my sister's house in the middle of the night. I really hate showing up at night but L. was down to the wire on finishing paperwork so we got off later then planned. This was the second time I got to see my 3 year old nephew and he remembered me so was quickly attacking me to play. I have been working out a lot so I no longer had pain in my back and hip so it was really fun being able to wrestle and swing him around. It kept catching me off guard though. My sister and I got some good time in talking which is what seems like what visiting is for. Since this was an unreported vacation for both of us I called in for a meeting and no one was the wiser. (I really like jobs that care about output more then hours.)
From my sister's house we headed further south to North Carolina to visit my brother. Now my brother is a staunch conservative. (He listens to Rush Limbaugh, feels Fox News isn't conservative enough, and has given me books on proof of how liberal the media is.) We disagree on most issues but have had a good relationship based on being able to debate anything with the knowledge that we are not going to change the other person's mind. With his views on a smaller less interfering government I was actually interested to get his views of President Bush which really hasn't done either. (He thinks Bush is a good President that helped the U.S. economy and security. No, I don't understand it so I am left with more questions then when I visited.) L. doesn't want to get involved with the debates so we also finally saw "Kung-Fu Panda" which because of the trip to Europe we ended up missing. But mainly we enjoyed visiting with the whole family.
We then crossed North Carolina to visit L's cousin. He is a mechanic for NASCAR so he took us on a tour of all the garages of the major racing teams. It's funny, I just always assumed that the different teams were spread out over the country. I am sure anyone really into racing would consider it sacrilege that I was in Mooresville, "Race City, USA" without knowing even this basic fact.

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