Friday, August 08, 2008

Visiting Playland

My wife and I had a strict rule. Friday night is our date night. It allows us in our mind to procrastinate anything we have to get done for the weekend. The problem being to try to come up with new ideas so we don't get stuck in the rut of just going to dinner and a movie.
This night my wife came up with the idea and we ended up going to Playland! There seem to be amusement parks like this everywhere. It's the county fair or street carnival that decided everything was to hard to pack up so they just stayed where they were. Entrance is free and you just pay for the rides; similar to what I am sure the "E" ticket was like at Disneyland. The funny thing is that when we moved here I saw Playland bumper stickers on all the cars. In California there is a company that makes playground equipment with the same name and logo. I had just assumed they had a factory out here too with a lot of enthusiastic employees.
We both have had a hankering for riding a roller coaster so we bought a $30 pass which allowed us 5 rides each. The house of mirrors ended up being a dud but the "Flying Witch" spook house was sufficiently corny to leave us laughing and confused about some of the hydraulic mannequins. The roller coasters were better. We got to go on a metal one that flipped up upside down in loops and an old wooden roller coaster that we just happened to go on at the right time to see the fireworks while riding. (For a small amusement park they had a surprisingly long firework show.) I would recommend watching a firework show from a roller coaster to everyone but it seems like it would take to much planning to do non-randomly. I even convinced her to go on a spinning ride and she didn't get sick. (She took dramamine before coming and I think that it helped that it was totally inclosed so everything she saw was spinning as well.)
Of course in the interest of having the full experience we had to have funnel cake and cotton candy. (we kept calling it sugar floss because of Tivoli Gardens.) We took our picture in the photo booth which really seemed silly since we both have camera phones but the pictures came out pretty good. She won at Skee-ball but I won at Whack-a-mole so I got to keep my manly pride by presenting her with a cheap stuffed animal. All in all, a fun date. I am sure we got some strange looks for acting like kids but that is the fun part.

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