Sunday, September 21, 2008

Being a Patron of the Arts

Since we live so close to NYC family and friends like to visit. (...and if I know you, then you are invited because I do like people visiting.) Anyway, L.’s cousin came to visit and bought some friends and were going into the city every day. On Saturday we were planning to go into the city with them to go to MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art).
I got pretty far in my art degree before switching over to computers. Part of it was higher pay, but the main reason I switched was that I hated the idea of working and slaving at my craft to become better but die penniless because some talentless hack was in the right place at the right time and got by on using the word “juxaposed” to describe all of their work. (This is true for everyone I have talked to in art, architecture, writing, dance, music, movie, or any other artistic industry.) The reason for this side tangent is someone had given me some painting canvases and I had some ideas in my head that I felt I could learn some things from Van Gogh’s style.
I had heard about a Van Gogh exhibit that was coming up at MOMA but when I looked it up, it was not opening up until the next day, Sunday. However, if you were a member of the museum then they were having a preview that day. So, $120 membership for me and my wife gets us in and $5 tickets for our visitors. Or, we spend $20 a piece, and L. and I spend another $20 each to come back and see the Van Gogh exhibit when it does open. In this case it was cheaper to get more, plus we now had something to do during the boring winter months.
Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists, but you have to look closely at his paintings. He uses thick brush strokes but the paint is pre-mixed before going onto the brush. Seeing his artwork in person is also very different then pictures since it has a 3D quality with the paint being so thick. A lot of other people like Van Gogh too so even the member preview was busy. However I like standing to the side of the painting (where no one else is anyway) to get the full depth sense of the paintings. Later when it was a little less crowded I enjoyed staring at the painting while walking past it to create a motion parallax effect that made everything in the painting move and really (yes really) seem alive. L. said that I had my signature ear to ear tooth showing grin the whole time we were there. So, yes, I think it was worth the money to get the membership.

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