Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Update on Goals

So switching over to the new format forced me to go through the posts and convert them. Some of them caught my eye. I decided to give an update on how I’m doing on keeping my goals.
Learning French: So umm, yeah. It ended up going on the cruise instead of to France. In truth we only had one French lesson with out friend and never cracked the book we bought. We just couldn’t get into it. So playing to that motivation idea we decided signing up for a class would work better. (I know voluntarily signing up for more school.) L. and I have been going to a Spanish class. The thing is that it is to easy. So either we are just used to Graduate classes where the teachers feel no guilt for assigning more work than hours or we both picked up more Spanish in California than we thought and are now the hated people that are taking the class that already know Spanish.
Electronics: I was going to sign up for an electronics class but when I showed up the first night the teacher went though each of the chapters he was going to cover and I kept thinking, I already know this. So I just bought the book and will review it on my own since the more interesting class next semester uses the same book.

Exercise: I think that I have done the best in this area. I pretty sure I am in better shape that when I ran any of the marathons that I did. (However, I do not feel the need to run another one.) I can say that the endorphin high from doing regular exercise is real.
Riding bikes:This has been a good escape for me. Going kayaking puts me in a more zen state but requires a lot more planning and set up time. As for bikes, just pull them out of the garage and go. It also helps that L. thinks this is one of my less crazy drives and is more willing to join me for this more that anything else.

Playing guitar: Well this one, I fail. I got the guitar for my birthday. I think I have done 3 lessons on the computer. It has sat on its stand in the living room the rest of the time. In my brain every time I have free time my first reaction is what can I add to my plate instead of am I keeping up on what I already have.
Dancing: We had fun doing this on our cruise but that is about as far as we got. Last year we enjoyed being in Central Park for the free Tango lessons. We only picked up the last few lessons and were sure to go to the ones this year. Well now the lessons are over for this year and we didn’t go to a single one.

I guess I know where I need to work on. Only achieving in mind and body and you end up being a boring person that no one wants to talk to.

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