Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008

Living within driving distance of the real Sleepy Hollow L. and I could not resist to going to the halloween celebration there. There is a recreation of a colonial times town that is there year round. During October they light it up and have the headless horseman ride around. The real headless horseman bridge is kind of disappointing because as with most roads that have been around 200 years it is a main road and you really don’t realize it is a bridge at all. The wooden bridge in the re-creation is much better. It was a pain to photograph the headless horseman since he was wearing black, on a black horse. So I have a bunch of pictures that look like a floating pumpkin. They had people in period costumes telling ghost stories and giant trees walking around (think french parade). Both L. and I were a little disappointed in the lack of things to do, but neither of us could think of anything else they should have and after the thought that we only paid $5 more than a movie we realized maybe our expectations were to high.
At last year’s NYC Halloween parade we had spent the evening comparing what we thought was the best costume and what would be a good costume for us the next year. Fast forward a year and of course we are all to busy so throw all the elaborate plans out the window. Even the plans of a group costume, we couldn’t agree on anything. So I decide I want to be crafty and build my costume this year. I wanted to try build something out of foam. So Ryuk from Deathnote won out over being a Robotech Veritech or NHK’s Domo because the theme of the parade was ghosts.
Part of my costume was to cut a ping pong ball in half with a hole in the middle and paint them for the eyes. While I could still see it gave me extreme tunnel vision. This made for an interesting night walking around the city. My peripheral vision was replaced by large feathers on my shoulders that acted as “curb feelers” for when I crashed into people or walked to close to walls. The weirdest sensation is that with the loss of vision I had a harder time hearing too even though nothing was covering my ears. I guess my brain was working overtime to keep up on processing information. I did feel lost most of the evening instead just following around L. and my friend D. Not an easy task when there is 3 million people (The largest event all year for NYC, bigger than the ball drop on New Year’s eve).
The thing that caught me the most off guard was how much everyone liked my costume. Tons of people wanted to take their picture with me. I felt like I was famous with all the paparazzi. In truth when someone stepped in front of me and asked I really couldn’t say no and walk around them without crashing into people. It was just good that L. and D. kept an eye open so I didn’t get left behind. My guess is that around 50 people asked to take their picture with me. Another 100 or so just took my picture as we walked by. I had a blast of corse but next year I think I will make a costume that allows me to see all the other costumes so I can participate in the fun more.

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