Monday, October 06, 2008

Shopping Trips

One thing we have come to enjoy after living more a more rural setting is living next to a big city, and not just any big city but New York City. It is big enough so that pretty much no matter what we were searching for there has been a store that specializes in only that one thing. L. and I have just taken the train into the city on a Saturday and spent the day walking around.
Big & Tall: Being tall and skinny I usually have a hard time finding clothes and shoes. It seems like a store called “Big & Tall” would cater to that but my experience has always been half of the store title is there so the other half does not feel embarrassed to shop there. Imagine any other store cutting out half their customers for the benefit of the other half. There is a store called Rochester ( Unfortunately they have the same problem. I figure I am doomed that if I can’t find clothes in NYC then I am doomed to internet shopping for clothes.
Daffy’s: ( I really like this store. Their slogan is “Clothing Bargains For Millionaires”. Supposedly it is the overstock of all the high fashion brands. I wouldn’t care. They sell good clothes that are usually in European sizing (so usually skinnier clothes than American). However since it is “High fashion” some of the stuff is really bizarre, so a good laugh while shopping is always fun.
Century 21: ( Another clothing store L. likes since they are so huge. They sell mainly mid fashion overstock.
So after shopping clothes of course you have to eat. These places follow the same idea of find one thing and be really good at it.
Mac and Cheese: S’mac ( Yes, the only dish this restaurant sells is macaroni and cheese. The last time we went I got the sampler platter of all the different flavors and would have to say the 4 cheese or cajun are my favorite.
Rice Pudding: Rice to Riches ( I’m not that big of a fan of rice pudding but my friends like it a lot. It is good but I guess I will alway be partial to “Arroz Con Leche” with cinnamon.
French Fries: Pommes Frites ( A restaurant that only serves french fries. Actually they specialize in all of the dipping sauces. The fries are only there to deliver it to your mouth. They are very good but greasy. It is always crowded so they must be doing good.
Chocolate: Max Brenner ( Now I know there are a lot of chocolate stores but this is a chocolate restaurant. When L. and I went we got the chocolate pizza, fondue and smores, and chocolate milk (which tasted more like an iced hot chocolate if that is possible.) This seemed like the perfect lunch for a shopping trip with my wife. I was tripping off of the sugar rush so much for the next few hours that nothing could put me in a bad mood.

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