Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bike Ride into NYC

L. was still sick and it was driving me crazy to stay at home so I decided to ride my bike into NYC and see the fall colors along the way. There is a nice trail that I found so I packed up my bike and took off. The main reason was that there were some really pretty fall colors that I drive by every day on my way to work that I wanted to take pictures of. I have also been playing around with creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos with the camera and my computer.
As it ended up I would ride for a while pull over take some pictures and then continue. I really wasn’t in any kind of a hurry and was more interested in the idea of just enjoying myself. At one point I saw some columns and couldn’t resist and carried my bike through about 50 feet of underbrush to take some pictures. I think a thorn caught the back tire and put a leak in it. I was so close (2 miles) to the subway stop so I just walk my bike the rest of the way. To finish off the day I spent some time visiting the MOMA garden before they close for the winter.

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