Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post election

So Barack Obama was elected. It seems like the entire election played out just like 2004; at least in my eyes. The loosing political party gets more desperate as the the election gets closer. Doing more and more erratic actions. As I have said before I have a lot of family that is very conservative. A lot of them were saying they were surprised by the outcome. I heard the same thing from some of my friends that are “yellow dog democrats” in the last election. It is funny how people see what they want, with all events backing up already held beliefs.

(edit updated over the next month.)
It has been weird with the outcome of this election. Moving from Oregon to New York I am well aware that I have lived in liberal leaning areas. I have seen stickers for years that said “Bush’s last day 1-20-09” and “Republicans for Voldemort”. Here in New York City I have heard speeches by Obama blaring from radios of street vendors pretty much every time we passed a group of them. I was expecting a positive reaction but not to the level that I have seen. They are still selling the Obama paraphernalia on the streets (some ONLY selling Obama stuff). People are still wearing buttons and hats. I usually see about 7-10 on people a day still. The weirdest one though is the reaction. Time Square the day after the election looked like “Victory in Europe/Japan” war footage. Everyone was smiling, laughing, talking to complete strangers. The one that tops it all is everyone looking each other in the eye. I have had to explain to visiting family that is not Christmas Spirit that is in New York City. It is still post-election glow, at least compared to last year, especially with all the financial problems. I do not think anyone is capable of living up to the hype that is built up to the level that Obama has, especially with the bureaucratic cruft that is our government, but hopefully Obama does not squander the good will he has like Bush did after September 11th.

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