Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We decided to not travel anywhere for Thanksgiving this year and instead visit with L.’s Aunt and Uncle like we did last year. Baking a Thanksgiving dinner for just two people always leads to way to many left overs and this way it allowed us to bake lots of desserts. (What they asked us to bring.) Since we had a little extra time this year I wanted to try to make some of the things from scratch. So for the pumpkin cake I steamed the pumpkins and pealed them. (It gave it a more pumpkin flavor at the same time as making it more bland. I didn’t feel it was worth the extra work.) I also made stuffing from scratch. I think I put to much fresh sage or thyme in there because it was the most spicy stuffing I have had before, but surprisingly good. We also brought pumpkin pie and persimmon pudding.
It was really fun just visiting with everyone. we stayed up late playing Canasta which both L.’s Aunt and Uncle seem to be hooked on. We laughed about all the people that would be miserable in the cold waiting for stores to open for Black Friday deals and in the end we just ended up staying overnight and driving home Friday morning because we stayed up so late talking.

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