Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

So somewhere a long the way the presents from Santa for us have all become gag gifts. Since L.’s brother and wife were visiting that just meant more gag gifts. There was a “Chocolate Factory” made for children but with an extra sticker on the front next to the smiling kids that “Now with extra child labor, child laborer not included”. The next was a statue of an over-sized hand giving a thumbs-up. L. got the Chia “herb” garden. (She had been complaining about Chia and Clapper commercials from being couch-bound for a while.) I got a giant jack (as in playing jacks) that weighs about twice what it looks. Good luck playing with it.
As for the home-made presents, well they made the underside of the tree a little bare. L. gave me a large framed piece of metal to put all the fridge magnets on (Everywhere we travel we buy one since they are small.). It was kind of funny since my present to her was the picture board to get the pictures off the fridge. When I brought it down all wrapped she got mad since she thought I had snooped in her closet and was bringing down my own gift since when wrapped they looked identical. I also gave her the duvet with the promise to finish the cover.
It seems like both of our favorite presents was the duvet this year. I didn’t think that goose down could be so warm. We went from 3 blankets down to the duvet and we still had to turn down the thermostat so we didn’t wake up sweating. Somehow it is just more comfortable and controls our individual temperatures better.
Normally after all the Christmas fun we get bored and see a movie. However we had thought ahead this time and bought tickets for the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall with the Rockettes. The show was understandably cheesy, and over the top but was fun to see, especially on Christmas. I wouldn’t want to make a yearly tradition out of it though. After that we headed out for dinner at where else but Carnegie Deli. It wasn’t a Jewish Holiday so they were still open. It has sort of become a tradition for L. and I to take people that visit there where we then all gorge on giant stacks of meat and see who can find the most obscure person’s picture on the wall. (They are famous for their pastrami sandwiches being 6 inches tall, and there is not a blank space on the wall because of all the famous people that have eaten there.)
I realize this is about as New York of a Christmas as you can get but we had a lot of fun.

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