Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Visits

Of course living in NYC one of the things that we had on our list was to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center. We agreed on a time with our friends to meet (They have lived here 8 years and it was still on their to-do list.) and found out when we got there that it was closed for a private party for a couple of hours. So instead we went to lunch. When we got back to Rockefeller Center and got to watch someone propose while we waited in line. Yes, it is crowded. Yes, the area to skate in is small. But, surprisingly it wasn’t as small or crowded as we thought it would be. It ended up being really fun. None of us fell, and after an hour we were all tired but surprisingly not cold until we stopped. There was another private party so we really didn’t have a choice. It was fun for a one time thing but there are cheaper places to skate otherwise.
Of course with every Christmas season it means that people visit, which is good since L. was still recovering. My sister wanted to see NYC at Christmas time. As it ended up she got here right before a huge snowstorm. This is fine as far as we are concerned because the trains still run in the snow. We ended up seeing the tree in Rockefeller. We got to see Santa at Macys with only a 10 minute wait because of the storm. I took them to my favorite pizza place, Lombari’s. Again with front row seats with no wait because of the storm. Now all this was fun but the storm went from rain to hail, sleet, snow, all while we were walking between subway stops with stroller and kids in tow. The next day, since my sister is really into cooking, so I took her to Stew Leonards ( Among other things we got kits to build Gingerbread houses. It was the funniest thing, my sister’s son is three years old. He would sneak candy and run upstairs to eat it, even though we gave him the OK to eat as much as he wanted.
L.’s brother D. also came to visit. They stayed a little longer so they just bought passes for the train and I gave them a key to the house and they were able to come and go as they pleased. It is nice to have something for guests to do so that you don’t have to entertainment the whole time. In reality it is more along the lines of when they quickly grow bored of me entertaining.

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