Sunday, December 21, 2008

Homemade Christmas

We really didn’t need anything for Christmas and we were no longer in school so we had extra time so this year we decided to make our gifts for each other. It sounds like such a good idea at first. Let people know you really care to spend time on a gift for them. Unfortunately it just didn’t turn out that way.
One of the influencing factors was L. had wanted to learn how to do stained glass. So we bought the supplies we needed and together made a simple piece to hang in the window. Well even a simple 6 inch square took around 9 hours of work from both of us. I thought it was just because it was the first time so I set out to make a stained glass star for the top of the tree. I had one as a child and tried to replicate it. I succeeded but again it took to long. As it turns out we ran out of time and didn’t make anything else out of stained glass.
So it is one thing making presents for other people but it is a whole other matter trying to make something for your spouse and keep it a surprise. There is only so much room and we both use all of it. I also had the problem of trying to figure out something that she could use that I could still make. I also had the problem that it seemed like anything I wanted to make, when I added up the materials list it always ended up costing more than if someone else made it in China.
My first idea was to sew a quilt, but I realized what she really wanted was a duvet, so the idea changed to a duvet cover. I bought the duvet but ran out of time. (A pretty constant theme when it comes around to Christmas time.) The second thing that I thought of to make jewellery using Fimo clay. It is funny, I had the idea in my head for some time, but I have never worked with the clay before. I just never had the time to look up how to use it. I finally pulled it off on Christmas Eve, of course by that time I had to make it in the living room so L. saw the whole process and got a good laugh. My third idea was a picture board. I ended up buying the cloth when I got the cloth for the duvet cover. This is the present that saved my butt. It ended up being easier to make than I thought. A staple-gun really speeds things up.

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