Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Trips Into NYC

Last year while my friend and I would work on bikes L. and my friend's wife would go to BAM. (Brooklyn Academy of Music) If you buy the tickets in advance it is about the same price as a movie ($13) but you get the equivalent of a Broadway show. This year we bought tickets for all of us to go.
Woyzeck: A remake of a German play by the same name. Everything was set around a water plant so there was a large glass tank where some of the acting was done under water. The music was amazing and I am still kicking myself for not buying the album.
Meeting with Bodhisattva: A Taiwanese Buddhist drum beating that reminded me of the Japanese Taiko shows. The drums were huge and the beats were so rhythmic and soothing that all of us had a hard time staying awake.
Les 7 planches de la ruse: They used Chinese acrobats and giant Tangrams pieces that they shifted around the stage and built up into giant things. I know it sounds boring but I really got into the skill to balance these huge things while they built them and had people flipping and jumping all over them.
Bamboo Blues: It was supposed to be everything Indian (Asian Indian Culture). They used a lot of cloth so it was very flowy, and they projected a lot of stuff on the cloth as it billowed around the stage. I found it interesting as I am currently working on studying India right now for a project at work.

Also, with winter comes more bad weather, and that leads to more train trips into the city. This leads to more “interesting” interaction with the other people on the train. Of course there are always the drunk people on weekends that need to be dodged like orange cones. It is much better to see them there than trying to drive though.
On one of the trips in the guy next to us started playing music on his phone. He had it turned all the way up so it sounded distorted. I asked him politely to if he could turn it down and he launched into a tirade. I realized he wanted to argue so I figured the best defense was to ignore him. This made him yell more until everyone on the train was telling him to shut up. When he got off we all cheered. On another trip two guys asked a Catholic priest to be blessed for business meeting. Instead of blowing them off he took it seriously and asked about the what the meeting was about. Another time we got to listen to some kids headed back to Yale argue about affirmative action. Boy it is sad to see how disconnected spoiled rich since birth kids can be. While waiting for our train we also got to watch a schizophrenic guy showing card tricks to an invisible friend.

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