Monday, January 19, 2009

Being Cold

This being an “El Nino” year, we have been hit with a few more snow storms and cold snaps than last year. I have never been one for cold weather living so I’ve put down some thoughts to avoid cabin fever (and since this will be our last winter here).

A lot of people say “Don’t worry, it is only like this a few months of the year”.
People drop off teenagers at the mall or take children there for somewhere to run around.
Your nose spontaneously starts running once you step outside.
I really don’t like the idea that there are so many more ways that can go wrong and die.
The snow takes on the appearance of glazed frosting because the top has frozen into ice.
When it gets cold enough the chemicals and salts do not melt the ice so people throw down more. Then you are walking on ball bearings AND ice.
It gets light and dark while I am at work.
Icicles on cars show what angle the car parks at during the night.
Wind howling between the buildings in NYC can knock you down.
For some reason the wind always blows down the streets (East-West), not the avenues (North-South).
Nothing is more disheartening that waking to the sound of snow plows and shovels.
I am SO glad I have a job that I can work from home when we get snowed in.
I do not think I will ever get the hang of padding 15 minutes into the leaving time for scraping off the car.
I don’t know why or how, but my wife is OK with me getting the garage parking spot when her car is uncovered.
No matter what the cold has a way of working its way through windows and walls and attacking your toes.
I really hate getting a runny nose and snorting snowflakes.
The cold makes you crazy, I mean being that happy about a warm goose down comforter.

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