Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mother-in-Law Visit

With L. still recovering her mother wanted to come for a visit. Now when I had won a travel gift certificate at my last job we got her a ticket to visit NYC at the same time we visited. She chickened out and the ticket went unused. So we were surprised that she wanted to come. I get along great with my MIL but when L. asked if I was OK with her visiting for a month my only response was “as long as she has the return ticket”.
It was really fun showing her around the city. She thought she would hate it. But after her first time trying Indian food, sushi, taking the subway, taking a train, broadway show, and all the other things she had never tried before she couldn’t stop grinning. We mostly did the generic NYC tour that we have now settled into when people come to visit: Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Chelsea Castle, free ferry to Staten Island to see the statue of liberty then up to see Time Square. She was tired but smiling. we also worked in trips to the St. John Cathedral and Central Park. On days I had to work she enjoyed just walking around town. (Before coming she asked if where we lived was safe thinking it was all dangerous city, and my response was there was no worries besides slipping on snow or getting attacked by a deer.)
One of the things that I like doing when people visit is to cook for them. My MIL was no exception and she wanted to return the favor by making carmel puffs. For what she wanted to make she needed “Butter Corn Puffs”. (She called them styrofoam corn. Think cheese puffs without the cheese powder on the outside.) It must be a west coast thing because we searched 7 grocery stores and couldn’t find it. I then took it as a personal vendetta. I searched the internet and sure enough, none of the makers that she could think of sold them in any stores east of Pennsylvania. So I got an idea, put her in the car and we searched another 4 stores before finding “Vegan Pirate Booty”. (Why anyone would want to eat this unflavored stuff normally is beyond me.) Just out of curiosity I went back to the first store we had searched (our local grocery store) and bought some carmel pirate booty to compare. She was not amused when I brought it home.
I do think that she now understands why L. and I like to travel so much and she will probably be more willing to venture further from home herself.

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