Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why I hate bean counters

I understand, the economy is bad. Everyone is doing layoffs and my company was no exception. In their words there was a needed “resource action”. At first when they announced to the employees that there was a resource action it just ticked me off more that they wouldn’t even use the correct term. Then the reality came out, the company made a profit for the year. They had plenty of money in the bank, they were only doing the lay-offs so they could show a profit for the next quarter. So everything for making the share holders happy, and this is why I hate accountants. Every lay-off I have witnessed nepotism takes over because it is an unpleasant business so everyone does it in a hurry. I’ve never seen a company loose the lazy from a lay-off. Of course I say this while still having a job. No I don’t know anyone special, I am just on the bottom of the pay totem-poll. So far I have a sister and a sister-in-law that have been laid-off at their jobs though and I don’t see the economy getting better anytime soon.

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