Saturday, March 28, 2009

My sister’s visit

My youngest sister J. had never been to New York City so decided to come for a visit. Of course no one plans to get sick when they buy their tickets but she still came with what she had. I gave her my homemade remedy when she arrived. (a 64 oz. bottle of grapefruit juice. It is mostly the extra fluid intake that helps, but the huge vitamin C boost doesn't hurt, and most people don’t drink grapefruit juice enough that there is usually a placebo effect too.) Most likely she had swine flu since it was going around in California at the time and she passed it to me. Out of all the cases of the flu I’ve had this one had to be one of the weakest. But that won’t stop the news from using it as a scare tactic to drum up viewers.
Our normal tour involved taking them to St. John’s Cathedral, MET museum, and pizza in Little Italy. Out of everyone in our family they are also the most fashion conscious so we had to take them to the mecca for Hipsters- Beacons Closet. They bought plenty of clothes from the thrift store and had fun walking around the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.
Since it was my birthday I got to have some say in the matter so we took our bikes through the subway to central park and rode a lap around it. L. was still a little tired so she sat and read instead. While up by St. John’s Cathedral we of course had to get creme puffs from the hungarian bakery. They are on par with creme puffs we had in Hungary and the best puffs I’ve ever had every time we go.
That night J. wanted to treat me to a birthday special so we all went to Max Briener’s. I just can’t but love the chocolate over load they have there.

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