Thursday, March 12, 2009

Outcome of School Applications

So following my shotgun approach to applying to schools (The more schools applied to the better the likely outcome.) U.S. schools have to give final word by April 15th, I don’t know what the rules are for international schools.
Here are the results so far:
Queen's University Belfast: 2 different phone interviews but no further word.
University College London: phone interview but no further word.
Arizona State University: Acceptance and funding.
University of Oregon: Acceptance and funding (well, at least by word of mouth.)
Carnegie Mellon University: No
University of Virginia: No
Queens University, Toronto: email interview but no further word.
University of Glasgow: Acceptance but still trying to find out about funding.
Imperial College London: Acceptance without funding.
Purdue University: No answer?
University of New South Wales: Funding but unknown acceptance. (Not sure if they can offer it to international students.)

So we are leaning to going to the UK. Why? well 2 1/2 years without funding still seems better than 4-5 years with funding.

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